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Marķa Graciela Giordano 

PhD in Hispanic Studies, McGill University

Translation services

  from: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian   into: Spanish
  from: Spanish, Russian   into: English, French  


Other services offered:



  Marketing assessment (potential brand name analysis)



Translated documents are offered in the following formats:








All hard copies are laser-printed.


End product delivery:

You will receive the translation electronically, in the format of your choice.

There is an additional charge for shipping documents on a CD or as a laser hard copy. The amount will be determined according to the destination city and shipping turnaround.



Rates will highly depend on the project and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

  For translation, the minimum charge is USD 0.15 per target word (= word in translated language), or a fixed amount of USD 35 for jobs with less than 250 words.

  For editing, the minimum charge is USD 0.05 per target word, or a fixed amount of USD 15 for jobs with less than 250 words.

  For marketing consultation or localization, the minimum charge is USD 400 for assessments on potential brand names.

Payment options:   

  Fast and secure payment through Paypal   .  Inquire about other available options.




Payment terms and conditions:

  We require a downpayment for 50% of the quoted price before we start the job.
The remaining 50% is payable as soon as job is completed, and before final delivery.

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